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We help organizations clarify their messages quickly, and prepare organizations to present their best. Record, track and manage presentations with confidence using SpeakEazy's secure web platform from any computer, at any time.

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Life-Like Experiences

Rehearse your speech remotely, with the assistance of virtual audiences.


Convenient Assessment

Give or receive presentation feedback remotely to increase overall productivity.

What our users say

Heidi H. Employee Learning Director

“I had a presentation on Tues for 350 people including several Sr execs. I practiced several times with SpeakEazy’s large auditorium view. Even though I knew it was coming, I actually gasped when I first saw the audience online! The second and third time were much easier.”

Elle N.

“I have this intense fear of public speaking. One of the things that can really make me freeze is having people look at me, because I think they're judging me in some way… So I used your site (and will continue to do so!) mainly to get used to speaking when the eyes are on me…I was able to test out the effectiveness of this at a presentation skills workshop I went to recently. I felt a lot calmer and guess what - I was able to make eye contact without stumbling my words! The best way I can explain it was that people looking at me didn't feel as threatening anymore.”

Josh S. Sales Director

“I used your app this morning. It's killer. Amazing. I course-corrected my presentation in a way that I wouldn't have done before. Great job!”

How SpeakEazy Works

Create Presentation

Organize your presentations into shareable projects for greater teamwork.


SpeakEazy uses your laptop’s built-in webcam. Focus on speaking, not recording.


Give or receive presentation & slide-deck feedback remotely.

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